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My reloading carrier has been over 3 decades starting when I was a teenager helping my father. He taught me how to reload revolver and rifle calibers on one of the original RCBS Rockchuckers on a portable mount that we could use at home or at the ranch! Just recently I started reloading again and since time is more valuable now that it was in my teens and 20s, I added a Dillon XL650 to the mix. I did this mainly for 10mm reloading. When we were shooting revolver and rifle ammo we didn’t shoot so fast! Below is the new setup, but after that I’ll go into the design of the old portable system as several have asked for the designs (I believe that dad got them out of an old American Rifleman or one of the other NRA magazines).
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In the left hand bottom side of the above image you can see the Rockchucker and the portable mount, but here are a few more pictures. As you can see it has the RCBS Bullet Puller in it, and I pretty much use it for that nowadays.
I sketched out the details and hopefully the below images will come out in the website view. Basic details are as follows:
  • I assume he made the bottom out of a 1” x 6” cut to 23 7/8” long.
  • I assume he made the top out of a 2” x 6” cut to 6 1/2” long.
  • I assume he made the side panels out of a 1” x 8” cut to 23 7/8” long.
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Links to pictures of the sketch in full resolution to download:
  • Top plate - http://www.chriswall.net/photos/IMG_0488.JPG
  • Bottom plate - http://www.chriswall.net/photos/IMG_0489.JPG
  • Side plate - http://www.chriswall.net/photos/IMG_0490.JPG
A few more images without the RCBS Rockchucker on the mount.